George J. Esseff, Sr.

Beginning his career in 1951, as a Chemist/Metallurgist for the U.S. Corp of Engineers, Mr.IEsseff soon struck out on his own and rapidly emerged as one of the world’s most successful Titanium entrepreneurs.

Pioneering numerous patented processes designed to further expand the commercial and industrial uses of Titanium, he successfully marketed his patents first nationally and then internationally, opening the door for the eventual establishment of The International Titanium Association.

Having recently celebrated his 54th year of marriage, he is a devout Catholic who has consistently used his wealth to feed the poor, build and maintain shelters for the homeless and make available medical services for those in need.

A former Democrat, George Esseff has always felt he never left the Party, but rather the Party had left him.

His essay, "What I Am", ran in The Washington Post on October 20, 2004.